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Natrum carbonicum is an introvert, even misanthrope. Although it’s friolero it badly supports the sun. They have a joint fragility that makes them prone to repetitive sprains.

In imbalance, Natrum carbonicum have anxiety, fear of storms, asthenia, depression and are extremely sensitive to noise.

As for the constitution of Natrum carbonicum there is no such thing as a agreement between the authors. He may due to this fact be a corpulent or thin person, weak and bent.

The pathologies on the level of the skin, respiratory mucosa and digestive, are alternating. Once they improve one pathology they make the opposite worse.

Eczemas and herpes appear on the skin. Respiratory mucous membranes tend to suffer from coryza and asthma.

Alterations on the digestive level confer the patient a detestable mood that improves with the progress of digestion.

When do we prescribe Natrum carbonicum?

There are two clear cases where it’s prescribed:

  • when after an exposure to the sun appears headache especially if the topic is a cold.
  • in case of getting a tendency to repetitive sprains within the ankle.

Characteristics of the Natrum carbonicum

nausea belching and sometimes hiccups, immediately after eating nausea . The milk intolerance produces diarrhea looking like orange pulp. Natrum carbonicum has feeling of hunger with empty stomach towards the five, 10 or 23 hours. These digestive disorders make you moody and irritable.

They often have constant clearing, because of the mucus accumulating within the pharynx. The mucus may be fluid yellow or thick green.

In the course of the cold the smell and smell have diminished. If in case you have a cough or asthma, it gets worse by five o'clock within the morning.


Their joints are fragile and are prone to take false steps and suffer from repetitive sprains within the ankles

After an intellectual effort suffer headache which is aggravated if exposed to the sun or with artificial light.

With tendency to asthenia, depression and dejection, printing exhaustion with heat. They have extreme sensitivity to the minor noise .

Clinical indications

Flatulent dyspepsia, poor digestion.

Also in case of diarrhea for milk intolerance. It’s indicated for siarrhea in an infant with milk intolerance and who is startled on the slightest noise.

Sprains of repetition

Headache by exposure to the sun, after an insolation or by intellectual overexertion.

Asthenia, exhaustion or despondency because of excess heat

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Natrum carbonicum does not tolerate the sun – Honatur

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